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    This just failed on me...right before a shoot. It was live so I missed it entirely. I don't have a backup for everything. Suddenly after charging the night before the battery indicator said it was dead. Being a good little camera monkey, i fired everything up two hours before... battery dead. I have come to expect RED equipment to fail/malfunction so I always check my equipment a few hours before however... (the weekend before a brand new mini-mag would format but because of RED's insane copy right protection the camera insisted it wasn't a proper RedMag so I couldn't record... another shoot has been a lousy 10 days). Back to the story, so I put it on a charger... wouldn't hold a charge. Drove back to the hotel, reloaded the latest firmware.... hooked it up to the camera to see if that would fix its little brain... No Joy! RED is great When and IF it works. I never missed a shoot with Sony... I am talking Taylor Swift EVER. I love the image, the interface, Red Cine-X is amazing. I am F'ing sick of equipment failures. Firmware updates that come every couple of days with the only significant improvements being fixes that they broke with the last update. I for one can DO WITHOUT the upgrades, if they can just make what they have work everytime. This is supposed to be professional equipment.

    I own a carbon dragon and a scarlet dragon plus batteries, grips, etc.... Now I have to buy ANOTHER RedMote so when one inevitably fails I have one that allows me to do my JOB!

    Red Cameras are fairly priced but not cheap enough to own, carry, ship, maintain TWO OF EVERYTHING.

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    Hi Michael,

    Please submit a technical support request here and our RED SUPPORT team will assist you directly with your REDMOTE.

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    Hi Michael,

    Did you solve the problem/have it fixed? Now my Redmote simply won't charge. With the USD cable connected with my computer, the butt of the battery icon on the Redmote screen flashes wiht a red dot, and it simply won't get charged.

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