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  #1 FOOLCONTROL for Iphone @ IBC 
    Fire Chief Jarred Land's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    When we started talking about opening up our camera control we were taking a risk, we were banking ( praying ) that people would embrace the protocol and do something sort of cool with it, but we had no idea just how incredible Mikael was and how far he would take it. He is just one guy but he has done a better job than entire armies.

    You can meet him in our booth @ IBC, where he is showing his new FOOL CONTROL Iphone app.

    You guys need to check it out.. it should be in the apple store early next week. I can't even explain how cool this app is.

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    Jarred you better hire him before someone else steals him. This apps going to a game changer for us. Thanks for opening up the protocol.
    Jacob Schwarz
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    REDuser Sponsor Gunleik Groven's Avatar
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    This is sooo much right in one app
    (now I just need to re-unbreak my iPhone glass... :)
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    Moderator Phil Holland's Avatar
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    Dude. Mikael. This is amazing work.

    Electronic Follow Focus use is going to be a big game changer for many, but.....

    I'm looking closely at the graphics here. I really think that Playback Menu is brilliant.
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    Senior Member Mikael Lubtchansky's Avatar
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    As you be much online in the next few days... here are all the details for the curious ones.... (pre-release document for App Store description).
    typed this is the train on the way to Amsterdam today and haven't read it so there are certains a few typos, but features list is pretty accurate as of how it works today :


    foolcontrol let’s you control your RED DSMC™ camera via wifi or ethernet.
    Take control over camera settings, recording, playback, color looks and curves but also iris, focus and much more. foolcontrol lets you save, reload and export camera presets for quick camera configuration.

    Included ‘pages’ and features in 1.0 release :

    - CONNECTION : fast automated search on local network for available RED cameras, connect to a remote camera over the internet, reload follow focus preset discs.

    - ABOUT : application preferences (auto-reconnect and prevent iOS sleep) + link to support by email

    - PREVIEW : main page to quickly overview and modify most of the camera settings, including recording format, project framerate, sensor framerate, timecode, recording, pre-recording, frame trigger and frame fragging, REDcode setting, look around, shutter angle and shutter speed, histogram with goal posts traffic lights, gamma and color space, recording modes, frame processing modes, HDRx modes, DSMC Motion Mount modes and settings, focus distance and iris setting, white balance, ISO, tools, raw mode, magnify, slate production info, scene and take metadata, battery level and time left, media remaining percentage / recording time, media clip count, upcoming clip name, previous clip info, Indicators for : LAN, external timecode, sync, genlock, RIG, errors, camera fan speed and temperature. From the bottom of the screen you can also eject media, enter power saving modes and shutdown the camera. This page is the ‘hub’ of the app from where you can access all the other pages.

    - LOOK : precisely set your camera look using a variable speed smart slider or manual value input. Look parameter included are : contrast, exposure, saturation, shadow, brightness RGB gains, kelvin, tint and FLUT. This page also includes an histogram, color temperature presets (daylight, tungsten…), auto white balance, ISO value, ColorSpace and GammaSpace settings. You can reset all parameters or quickly tell which ones are not at their default values (displayed in another color). Access to display tools, raw mode, and presets page.

    - CURVES : precisely set luma, red, green and blue camera curves to create in-camera grades that will follow your footage all the way into post production. Drag curves points using 3 different modes for normal, fine, and super fine curve adjustment. Includes a reset button per curves or global, histogram, tools, raw and access to presets page.

    - PLAYBACK : list with all the clips on your media with timecode and duration information. Clip playback forward, backward, frame by frame, clip end and beginning, set in/out points, go to next/previous tagged frame, set playback speed and looping mode. Check histogram, timecode, frame number, clip duration, scene and take information, ISO and color temperature value. You can access LOOK and CURVES from this page to change the playback look.

    - FOCUS : precise focus control using foolcontrol follow focus knob and tools. Circular focus disc with advanced features : 8 colored users marks easy to set, tag, recall, adjust or clear; Smooth bezier rack focus with adjustable speed from 0 to 60 seconds between those marks, rack can be stopped at any time by simply touching the knob to continue focusing manually if needed; Choice of 1,2,3,45 or 10 finger turns for super precise focusing without loosing your marks while changing this setting; Range limit for close/far distance; Searchable preset follow focus discs markers (you can download latest up to date preset discs from the connection page as new ones will be added on a regular basis to cover available electronic and cinema lenses in metric and imperial scales); Create, recall, sort, rename and export your own user focus distance discs : unique mode lets you add precise and repeatable distance marks for lenses not yet available in presets or if you want to make discs specially tailored for your shooting style, Other options includes : AF mode selection, autofocus trigger, AF zone size and center, rack focus mode points recall, iris setting, 1:1 magnify, record start stop, audible / vibrating marks and more

    - KEYS : navigate your camera menu using circular knob, buttons or gesture pad. Access all your camera and modules buttons and navigate camera menu pages. Advanced menu tree navigation will soon be added to support this upcoming camera firmware feature.
    - PRESETS : Create and apply camera presets. A single preset can include look, curves, camera record settings, slate and many more user selectable camera settings. Presets can be sorted or renamed if needed and exported by email if you want to keep a back-up or share them with another foolcontrol user.

    - SLATE : Quickly set metadat values for production, director, director of photography, scene, take, project info, camera operator, unit and location. foolcontrol remembers previous values for each field for quick switching. This page also lets you set camera position (left, right or center), camera ID letter, timecode mode (edge / time of day), set custom timecode value or set timecode to your device’s current time.

    Might not be yet included in the 1.0 release but coming very soon in a free update :

    - AUDIO setting page.
    - Advanced RECORDING SETTINGS page.
    - Advanced SHUTTER + IRIS setting page
    - SYSTEM settings page (fans, monitoring modes and guides, zebra, power outputs…)

    Each page includes an inline help and gesture shortcuts page.

    To connect the camera and foolcontrol to the same network you will also need to use one of those accessory :
    - RED lemo to GIG-E cable and a wireless router.
    - RED REDLink wifi module.
    foolcat : HTML / PDF visual reports for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for iOS
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for Android staying hungry, staying foolish facebook instagram
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    Senior Member Cameron Currier's Avatar
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    So incredible!
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    A must have app!
    Local 600 DIT
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    Senior Member Jason Diamond's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    I've been playing with and knocking around this app for a while now and I concur. This app is beyond anything out there right now.
    The focus setup for electronic lenses alone is pretty mindblowing. Fast, accurate and incredible useable and useful. Partnered with Marks HotLink we are all adding a ton of functionality to our cams!!
    Jason Diamond
    The Diamond Bros.

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    Senior Member Tom Greenberg's Avatar
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    Mikael, this is awesome work! Can't wait to get my hands on this app with the much potential!
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    Senior Member Paul Moss's Avatar
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    Well done, amazing features.....
    the playback & focus features are very exciting.....damn it the whole App is amazing
    Thanks Mikeal & RED....
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