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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Freebairn View Post

    If you did some more tests in a computer with a Pcie Gen 3 X16 slot, you'd find that while the card is capable of 6K full frame playback, TB2 is not without some scaling on the RRX.
    I think this is an important point - I certainly wasn't trying to say that we could not get full playback at 6K with Rocket-X, but rather letting people know that my fully loaded 8-core trashcan isn't quite up to it. A lot of people are studying the parameters of what these little machines can and can't do - I had not seen much study of the Rocket in a box coupled with the trashcan, which is what prompted me to run and print the tests. I think this will be a very popular pairing.

    But this is really a computer-specific and workflow-specific test. I'd love to see other benchmarks posted....

    I'd be interested in testing on a tower versus the trashcan. I think full playback is quite possible with Rocket-X maximized in a x16 slot, as Steve notes. I love my trashcan for its portability. It suits my purposes - also I'm fine with 1/2 res playback in 6K.

    I think it's quite remarkable that the little traschcan and a Rocket box can do this!

    It's not going to be ideal for everyone, but I'm pretty excited. The trashcan has its limits, but I don't think there is a more portable system as powerful as this one. For the type of work we do in the small Colorado market, where we do a lot of demanding location shooting, it's a very good option. Not necessarily perfect but very, very good. I imagine that, in my market, even though 6K is an option, we will still be doing quite a bit of shooting in 4K and 5K with Dragon. I feel comfortable that the trashcan and Rocket-X will be able to fly through these jobs. I was more interested in seeing how hard I could push it, just to have that in my knowledge base.

    The big surprise was the SSD card and the amount of speed enhancement it brought to my 6K workflow. Adding it to my Sonnet chassis was an afterthought. Blair had rightfully advised me to wait and see what innovations emerge in the coming months, as these multi-slot boxes gain traction, instead of spending a bunch of money to fill the lanes. So I just dropped in something that I already owned.

    But now I think it is a huge timesaver....
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    Thank you for these tests, it's exactly the info I was looking for. We have the new 12 core Mac Pros as well and ordered Red Rocket-X cards, and I was curious as to the performance increase we could expect. We know that using a PC with a full PCI slot will give the best performance with the Rocket-X, but we weren't willing to move to a Windows environment. The familiarity of working in MacOS on a day to day basis was more important.

    I have to say, the 12 core without any Rocket-X with the new Premiere and DaVinci Resolve 11 Beta is working really well. The Rocket-X is just going to make it even better, especially by handling the Red debayer and leaving the GPUs for effects processing and Resolve nodes.
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    Windows 8.1
    2x Xeon E5-2690v2
    256 GB 1866Mhz ECC RAM
    nVidia Quadro K6000
    RedCine-X 30.1.x

    footage source and target iofx 1.65TB PCI-E

    Source footage: 6K Dragon 9:1 23.98 fps 1:17 runtime

    Transcoding to 1080p 422 (HQ) ProRes Mirazon

    Rocket-X 2:25
    CUDA: 2:29 but footage has black frames flashing in
    OPENCL: 2:23 no flashies

    Going to try some other codecs to see if that is limiting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kudell View Post

    I have to say, the 12 core without any Rocket-X with the new Premiere and DaVinci Resolve 11 Beta is working really well. The Rocket-X is just going to make it even better, especially by handling the Red debayer and leaving the GPUs for effects processing and Resolve nodes.
    This is actually really good news - the new trashcan had me contemplating a shift in workflow, in the direction of FCP-X, but if the trashcan is playing well with Premiere and Resolve, then that's probably the best option. I had these on my tower but wasn't sure if they would play well on the trashcan, which I'm still sorting out.
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    System, OS Mac/Win7
    Z87, 4770k (quad-core), GTX 770, RAM 16 GB, Rocket-X (x8 PCI-e slot)

    6k HD Dragon test clip of 32 seconds
    RedcineX = 11 second transcode
    Resolve = 45 second transcode

    4k HD Red One, 1 hour timeline
    Resolve 10-Node Color Grade, avg. 40 fps transcode speeds
    Resolve with no CC, avg. 50+ fps transcode speeds

    Resolve was suffering from a severe lack of RAM, really needs 32 GB.
    Dragon 6k HD would play back at full resolution in Redcine-X at 24 fps and between 20-24 fps in Davinci Resolve, again suffering from lack of RAM.
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    I finally got in my Red Rocket-X!

    Here are some test results transcoding to ProRes 4444.

    Dragon 6kHD 1 Minute clip.

    With RRX and 2x Titan Blacks
    Transcode to 4k HD:

    Transcode to HD:

    With RRX only:
    Transcode to 4k HD:

    Transcode to HD:

    NO ROCKET, 2x Titans:
    Transcode to HD:

    Playback in RCX at full-res is real time, no hiccups.
    Playback in DaVinci full-res is real time.

    System Specs:
    2x E5-2670
    64 GB RAM (RCX allowed 30GB)
    2x Titan Black
    Rocket-X in a 8x Slot
    Reading and Writing to Samsung 840 Evo 1TB SSD
    Post Pro Gumbo - Colorist
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    I know this thread is a bit dated but I didn't see it last time around. t posted a nice break-down of the results you can expect with RED ROCKET-X, without, and with + graphics card, and finally graphics card only:
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