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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Wright View Post
    Yes, there is a warning of sorts. the Cal: T/E tells you (T being temperature and E being exposure time).

    When your temp/exposure is near where you calibrated, these will be green. As you get farther away from the calibrated setting, the green T or E will turn yellow, then orange, then red. Usually you are safe when it goes yellow, but orange and red mean you should probably get the Temp or shutter back closer to the previous calibration, or you should black shade to the new temperature/exposure.
    thanks kyle !!

    I just read the RED page about black shading and seems to mention only spotty colored noise .....
    would you guys say that the black shading fix Big spotty , colored noise ? or noise level in general ? as i said i got few jobs (as colorist ) where images where very noisy even in daylight at 800 iso , it was not weird colored noise it was just noise and i wondering if you think is still due to black shading ...

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    I think it's a big assumption to say that blackshading is the only significant culprit.

    IAC, I trust that the RedTeam is investigating these reports and look forward to new FW and/or specific recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan McCullough View Post
    OK, so if it is the same problem then we are looking at a hardware problem, possibly a board...

    Was your camera an upgrade? M or X? Carbon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Horwell View Post
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    I realize I am late to this post but have any definite conclusions been made? Is it a hardware problem? I am on the latest firmware and still getting a lot of noise in my blacks with my scarlet dragon.

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