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    i am shooting wildlife @ 2k with 300fps , the footages of 2k is not sharp and when i read about the OLPF i found that will soften the image

    is it posible to remove the OLPF when i shoot 2k and what happens when i remove it? some one show me 2k video shooted without OLPF and it looks super sharp !!!

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    Moire, line-skipping - it's there for a reason. 2K can look fine if you are using a very good lens, but just an OK lens terrible. The issue is likely your lens and/or filters which OLPF does not affect.
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    2K results in lower than HD effective resolution after debayering, so it will look soft. If you must use it, then some post sharpening will be required.

    OLPF removal will allow more detail to be able get through, but will also allow moiré on high frequency detail to occur - that's the reason for having the OLPF.

    Removing it will also affect the back focus, so your zoom lenses will no longer be parfocal if they were before, and lens distance markings will no longer be accurate.

    While it is possible to remove, it's not something to quickly do in the field, and exposes the sensor to dust.
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