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  1. #1 Insight into timing for Scarlet to Epic (non-Dragon) upgrade 
    Hey all,

    I searched for this, but couldn't find an answer in the posts. Does anyone know what the turnaround time might be to upgrade from Scarlet to Epic? I see the list for Dragon upgrades for Epic users, but nothing for the Scarlets. I'm in the line presently for a Scarlet Dragon upgrade, but thinking about jumping ship and going to Epic MX as it looks like a pretty lengthy wait for the Dragon upgrade.

    Has anyone/everyone in the Scarlet to Epic MX line had their upgrades yet?


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    Why not just ask your Bomb Squad rep? The Epic MX's are in stock, so I don't see any reason why it would take that long.
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    Yeah, I had originally done so, but she couldn't provide any insight other than that it was possible to change the order, but no timing, etc. Fair point about them being in stock though, just wanted to get a gauge on whether anyone had gone through with it yet. I couldn't find a post about it anywhere.
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    It's quick as they send you a new camera after they evaluate your scarlet.

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    Awesome, thanks guys. Just sent in the agreement, looks like it will be pretty quick.
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    got mine real fast when i did the process last year, like 2 weeks maybe and i skimped on ground shipping there so most of the delay was on my end..
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