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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    ...we don't regret buying zaxcom until one of us has to show sombody how to use our mixer for some small sound baby sitting task...
    Any tips on specific brands for lock-it and mixer?

    I forgot to add that I also use a Tentacle for gimbals and thats been working.
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    We like the ambient system but if the tentacles have been working perhaps keep going with that?

    The Maxx, Nomad or from SD 633 or 644 are integrated mixer recorders so perhaps try the cheapest?

    After I posted the 1st question in this thread we went a little crazy (as we are not audio guys) and bought beyond my initial allocated budget.. now I don't regret it as it worked and I found the experience interesting but for the simple setup you mention i'd try and keep it simple..

    What I do love about the zaxcom stuff is the integrated IFB tx on the mixer that also sends out TC... this is priceless for us... especially in a more indie setup
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Beatty View Post
    There is a Load/Save User Preset submenu that allows you to save and recall 3 different set-ups. I believe it's under the ENG section if not on the main menu.

    There are a lot of shortcuts that can make your life easier once you learn them. My favorite combo is from the home screen: Play (enter metadata section) -> hover over note field -> PFL and you are taken to a menu where you can scroll through note presets instead of having to type using the scroll wheel.
    I seriously need to commit to memory all of these handy shortcuts, will change my life!

    Any other tips you've got? (Sound Recordist based in Auckland, NZ. Happy to travel too)
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