My name is Kevin.

I'm a young filmmaker(24) looking to start my career out in San Francisco and continue working as a Freelance Film Maker and editor. I own an Epic and in line to upgrade to dragon. I also have a full editing station equipped with a 16 tb drobo storage device. I work on FPC X and Adobe Premiere.

I love the area but don't know many people and I don't have a lot of info about the industry out there. I was hoping to connect with some people through reduser before I made leap to learn a bit about moving out there. I'm also looking to rent my camera out while I'm there for future reference

This isn't a job application I genuinely want to meet people in the industry and make some friends so I won't feel isolated. I was hoping to get some info from you guys about a few questions I had:

Where are the most film folks located in the bay area? Is there a place you would recommend living?

Is there a group or club that I can get involved with when I get out there to network with other filmmakers?

Where should I look to find some good production houses who need an editor or assistant?

Let me know if you guys can help at all.