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    Maybe you all should educate yourselves on the history of it before you dig yourselves such a hole:

    "The meaning behind the Iron Cross represents the same principal value as other cross medals such as the British Military Cross, Victoria Cross, or the United States Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy Cross, or Army Distinguished Service Cross. It is unfortunate that the Iron Cross is not held in such high esteem as these other medals.

    Many today believe that the iron cross no longer has such a negative association with it. It has been brought into the mainstream ironically by bikers and more specifically, chopper builders and riders. Most today feel that the Iron Cross is one’s badge of belonging to the chopper world and also a symbol of courage and freedom. It should be worn proudly."
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    To each their own I guess.
    FYI the iron cross has its roots in Maltan knights that have very good record of protecting Christianity in Europe from Muslim invasions over centuries.
    Unfortunately that symbol was adapted by the nazis and used by war criminals. Growing up in Poland and having family members murdered by people wearing this symbol gives me a bit different perspective- you have to admit...
    And BTW the fact that drug trafficking Hells Angels used it doesn't help the cause either. No matter what the main stream commercial interests, trends, fads , etc. are...
    Jacek Zakowicz, Optitek-dot-org,
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