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    GENUG is a short movie produced in 72 hours and shot on a RED DRAGON. Our topic was water and we hope that we can make you think about the today's situation.

    Direct Link to the Video

    If you like the video please vote for us:

    ENOUGH - we have enough water, but one day enough is enough!

    The two Students Sophie and Maggy have a Party in the evening. Normally they go along with each other but today is enough, ENOUGH!


    GENUG - einerseits haben wir genug Wasser, anderseits verbrauchen wir mehr als genug, & irgendwann ist genug mit GENUG!
    Die Deutschen Austauschstudentinnen Sophie und Maggy veranstalten am Abend eine WG-Party. Die beiden vertragen sich ja eigentlich ausgesprochen gut, doch an diesem Tag ist genug...GENUG.

    For more information about our production company check:
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  2. #22 "Why Wake Up" Scarlet Dragon with STH OLPF. 
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    My family and I decided it was time for a road trip. Get away from all of the distractions and noise. Here is a little short with a few shots from the trip done with my Scarlet Dragon "Bart" with Nikon/Duclos mods and STH OLPF. Shot at 5k, 8:1. "Why Wake Up?"
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    Morgan Ghan
    Circle 5 Productions
    Scarlet Dragon
    Nikon/Duclos Cine-mods
    nikon D4
    nikon d800
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    Cinematographer, London
    Dragon-X 6K
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    Obituary tells a story of a funeral house keeper in Lombok named Kasim, where he has to struggle with his life. The salary earned from keeping the funeral house is not enough to meet the daily needs and the debt that must be paid in instalments every day. But all problems will be alleviated when the Obituary comes. He will get a lot of money from wages during the funeral, but it's been 6 months since the last one.

    The irony is that he lives when someone dies...


    Shot on RED Dragon 5K (Scarlet-W)
    Color graded in DaVinci Resolve Studio 14.1.1
    Indonesian language (english subtitle in progress).
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    SCARLET-W #004760
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  5. #25 Winter Photography BTS 
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    Örebro, Sweden

    Just shot a behind the scens for the local photo community here in Örebro, Sweden.

    As we had quite a bit of snowfall I had to put the camera under a bag the whole day so everything was shot blindfolded basically.
    Was about to post-stabilize some of the shots but Premiere Pro did crash 2 times so didn't do it the third time :P

    Equipment used:
    Scarlet-W + Samyang 14mm f/2.8
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    this is the first shoot with the Dragon. unfortunately it rained that night.
    that caused the white spots on the lens.

    Shoot on 6K HDRx on color space:REC2020 Gamma: HDR2084
    Lenses 18-50 RED zoom and 150 Prime
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  7. #27 HAPPY 420!!! THE BONG SYMPHONY 
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    Happy 420 y'all, shot this on Weapon Dragon CF 6k, and Zeiss Super Speeds, hope you enjoy it!

    Director: Oscar Nilsson
    Director of Photography: Seth Hahn
    Producer: Josh Diaz
    Gaffer: Thomas Sigurdsson
    Sound Recordist: Luiza Sa
    Agency: Pereira & O'Dell
    Client: The Flower Co.
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