Thread: CuteDCP Released - a DCP export plugin for Premiere Pro

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    Christer, will JP200 be available AE or PrP?
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    Lassiter, CuteDCP for Ae and Pr encodes your video to jpeg2000 and wraps them into a mxf container.
    I am looking into an option to store your jpeg2000 sequence in to a separate folder during encoding.
    Christer Engstroem
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    Any updates on this? Does it look like it might be possible to use a pre-existing JPEG2K sequence?
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    Hi Christer !

    Now CC 2014 is out with DCP Export in Premiere Pro via AME plug-in from the competition.
    This is limited to 2k so it didn't get too much attention from me.

    I tried the demo of CuteDCP instead since it also allows for 4k DCP creation.
    So I tested making a 4k DCP from R3D files thrown into the Premiere Pro timeline.
    It is great that you support external audio files for import and the new standards of SMPTE DCP framrates and subtitles.
    I like the ease of use of your plug-in and the quality of the final output.
    Color is accurately reproduced and all the DCP files were created correctly.
    Great there are some commercial alternatives out now with reasonable pricing.
    I'm still comparing and testing what is on the market right now but I think CuteDCP might be a worty candidate for professional and conveniant DCP creation.


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