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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry McKee View Post
    ...I have never been comfortable with Vinten since a lock slipped once and the camera and teleprompter went crashing to the floor. Naturally it was the leg across from me so I was grabbing at air as the camera went away.
    To be fair to Vinten though, this sounds like either the camera & teleprompter wasn't balanced front and back on the sliding baseplate (easy to forget if adding a prompter to a previously balanced camera), and/or the balancing spring wasn't turned up to match the weight of the whole load, and/or the total weight was out of the spec of the head's balancing spring.

    Vinten tilt locks really aren't designed to be "hard locks" taking the weight of an out of balance load. If it was in balance, it would just stay in place when the tilt lock is released.
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    I just picked up an O'Connor 1030HD head and put it on Cartoni single stage CF legs (A303). Perhaps its my suspicious nature but I chose not to follow Gibby's advice to buy used and ate the full cost of buying new. I used a vendor who I buy a lot of gear from and send customers to, who gives me great deals. I have also found that buying things new and taking meticulous care of them results in a predictable user experience and, gives me great confidence when selling my services.

    Right now I have a Sony D-30 head with DVCAM back, Fujinon B4 zoom lens, Anton brick and matte box/CF rods up on the head - roughly 25lbs. The 1030HD head is like butter - I am in love.

    The Cartoni CF legs weigh only 5lbs and are rated to hold 132lbs. The stage locks are particularly sweet - very quick and easy to use with a lever lock style that feels very solid when shut.

    I certainly agree with Gibby that when you are loaded up with Cine accessories or a monster zoom the lighter rigs are overmatched - fortunately those are just the kind of gigs where the cost of a tripod rental is unlikely to be an issue.
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    Yo Blair, you know I'll be over to check it out. congrats!
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    I'm probably going to go with the Oconnor 1030HD and their 35L Carbon fiber sticks with the quick release. I have an O'Connor right now matched with teh Miller Solo legs and love it, but it won't handle the Red.

    Does anyone have experience with modern iterations of the 35L's, or comparable sticks? I used a set in film school and loved them, but sometimes the teeth on the legs would get gummed up and they wouldn't deploy properly -- not exactly an exciting proposition for a lot of field work. I wonder if they've fixed this problem.

    I'm curious to know, for those who are going with Oconnor, who their preferred vendor will be. I foresee myself calling around a bit for price quotes, but am going to hold off till my Red has a delivery date.

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    I personally use Secced tripods.
    I've been using the SC-DV tripod (Reach Plus 1 Kit) for about 2 years now.
    It's carbon fiber so it's lightweight and pretty tough, I must say.
    I've been pretty hard on it lately.

    It came with a SC=DV6/75RP fluid head with a 75mm bowl and it's super smooth..
    I know they have a new north american distributor at they're site is offering free shipping and a 3 year warranty at the moment.
    Not sure how long the free shipping will last but I'm sure the warranty will remain the same.

    Here's the package I own -
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    Way to bump a 9 year old thread with your first ever post :)

    2018 Reel

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    For years I was using smaller consumer model tripods and when balanced properly offered a decent platform.
    Recently though, I got myself a 100mm Miller Arrow and was surprised that there was no 'free wheel' setting. What I mean is that the head will always spring back to level when tilted up or down. Even on the lowest possible drag setting or whatever it still wants to spring back to level. I asked them about it and they said that was normal for that model as its designed for a decent payload. I love the safety aspect of not having your head flip forward if youre not paying attention but would have been nice to have the option of no drag at all and completely free.
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    That's not the drag, it's the counterbalance, and it is indeed something that you need to think about when getting a head. Normally heads have a payload range, and that's to do with the counterbalance, not as some people think the maximum load the head can take. An O'Connor 2065 may have a payload range of 0-32kg...but you could put 200kg and it would still work, it wouldn't collapse, it's just that the counterbalance wouldn't hold it. It is a shame that many heads these days don't have a zero or off setting for the counterbalance, I assume it's more complex and therefore expensive to make it like that.
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