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    While not in the same world as most of you guys, I'm in more of the corporate studio shoots.

    Got to touch it before the boss did!

    First studio build-

    First ever crane shoot I tech'd

    A little outdoor action
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    When I said I am going to shoot "Modus Anomali" film productions with Epic M which just arrived in Jakarta, everybody was telling me that I am insane. Nobody has tried it before. But since I BELIEVE about Jim's visions, without doubt I beg the Rental House in Jakarta to lend me the camera. They said, nobody has tried it before, and I said, I believe it will be very good. Some colleague just gave me a laugh about this, and then, when they saw the picture on the bigscreen, they dropped their jaw completely. Jim, I am one of the thousands who said THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you've done in this industry.

    Gunnar Nimpuno
    DP Jakarta - Indonesia
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  3. #23 This is a great idea. 
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    A tribute to a great achiever, a great man. Without him all these images wouldn't have been possible because they
    would have been made with a DSLR.

    Thank you, Jim.

    Behind the Scene

    And some grabs,

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    At 16 when I fell in love with storytelling I had no idea how to turn it into a career. For 10 years I pushed hard, but the image was never what I believed it could be. I touched an Alexa on a few projects, but most were relegated to EX1 and DSLR shooting...

    Until you came along, and gave people like me the opportunity to step up. You and your baby, RED, have given thousands of dreamers and workers just like me the biggest progressive step we could've asked for... and then doubled it.

    I can never thank you enough. You have my loyalty. Let me know if you need a couple extra fists.

    With Respect.


    PLEASE pardon the low res screen grabs.
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    Senior Member Lauri Kettunen's Avatar
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    Some older images from the unforgettable first years with Red One. And the story goes on .... thank you Jim!

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    smile says it all really.

    Cheers! dtbgyd
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    I'm not a pro... but I think it says something that an amateur, within an hour or two of powering up his first Red camera, was able to go outside his hotel and take some nice stills with it (these are the 'goofing around learning the camera' shots I took).
    David Kuhn
    Epic-M Dragon Monochrome #1995 (Dilbert)
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    I congratulate you! "42" was what I wanted to see "WILT" become. There's always a spot open for you on that! As for your stepping down - enjoy your time time... You've worked tirelessly and you deserve it!!
    Hope you do read this at some point in the future and stay in touch.

    Best, Ian.
    AKA - filmbug
    AKA - filmbug
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    some pics
    Attached Images
    Camera Rentals
    Washington DC, Baltimore, Mid Atlantic region
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    Honestly, there are more than enough cameras in the world. I'm sensing you want to do something worthwhile and world changing in a positive way. What we need is clean, non-polluting energy to lift the world's population up and stop destroying the environment. Geothermal heat mining is the way of the future, tapping into the heat stored in the earth's crust. It desperately needs an infusion of investment to get costs down.

    Read this MIT report:

    The Future of Geothermal Energy
    “EGS methods have been tested at a number of sites around the world and have been improving steadily.

    …In fact, many attributes of geothermal energy, namely its widespread distribution, baseload dispatchability without storage, small footprint, and low emissions, are desirable for reaching a sustainable energy future for the United States.

    …Most of the key technical requirements to make EGS work economically over a wide area of the country are in effect, with remaining goals easily within reach.”
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