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  1. #1 Jim's Last Post - Send him off with some pictures of Red in action. 
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    Jim has mentioned once or twice before that he would be bowing out soon and taking a more behind the scenes approach. This evening he made what may be his final post here on Reduser.

    I think it would be nice to send him off in style. There's a good deal of us here who make a living with Red cameras. When you have a moment, post an image of yourself and/or your camera(s) in action and maybe drop a few kind words about your experience shooting on Red.

    There was more to that thread earlier, but I'll repost what I wrote before:

    I find a great deal of the fuzzy chatter online sometimes extremely difficult follow, especially given the history and what has been delivered.

    An important question for a lot folks would be when has Red ever under-delivered? Also, who else is offering a camera at these particular price points with these features? Hell, leave price out of the equation even.

    In a very short time Jim you changed the face of the motion picture industry for the better. For some you've delivered a camera that many were asking for a long time and in the face of extremely harsh criticism followed up by a long line of skeptics. However, Red delivered on the promised of being a digital film alternative (and some ways surpassed it with Mysterium-X). Soon, Dragon surpasses that promise on all fronts in my mind and takes us into some new territory.

    If this the last time you'll be around before you dip off over the horizon and into the sunset I personally would like to say thank you. For a while now you have made a tool that I prefer shooting with and freed up many restrictions on what I could personally do on a creative and technical level. I don't have a short memory and I remember the landscape of the motion picture camera industry prior to 2006/2007. You went rogue, you delivered, and became Red. From the top down from the cameras to the customer service I've never seen anything like this happen in this time frame. It is a tremendous accomplishment.

    Some of the most interesting filmmakers and projects of the last several years have been shot on Red. Creators chose Red on those projects because of what the cameras could do and certainly took them to new heights to form a new visual quality standard. Creatively they have a had more freedom in production and in post than ever. No room for error on top tier feature production. Just room to execute on a high level.

    Thank you again. My most important work will be shot on Red. That held true for the Red One, Scarlet, and Epic. It will ring true more-so with Dragon. That brings a wonderful grin to my face. Understanding what your cameras can do and using them to do exactly that has been some of the most fun I've had professionally.

    I have shot with everything else, but I choose to shoot on Red.

    The first picture below of the Red One actually was from the very first time I met Jim and it was after my first shooting experiences with the Red One years prior.
    The second time I met Jim I bought my first Red camera.

    BTS of one of the first commercials I shot with my Scarlet-X:

    Working with my current Epic-X:

    Over two full years of shooting perhaps some of my most important work to date on RED Epic Dragon:

    And now shooting most recently on RED Weapon 6K Forged:

    And soon, Weapon 8K:

    02/2016 - First Weapon 8K Shoot - FORGED

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    Indeed Phil...

    That is why I started this post...

    To try and make people understand how important it is to respect each other in a public forum, especially one were we are blessed (wore) of having the very Founder/CEO here with us, fortunately Jarred remains, yet it is a very SAD moment too see Jim go... and lot has to do with the negative and nonsense chatter...

    At one time I also was to leave this great community, but I didn't, I just deal with those few in a different way, but Jim has his reasons for to, and understand them completely, and I repeat that I am sorry to se him go, understanding that his reasons go beyond this forum, but go to those other forums that repost any of his post here and take them out of control... I guess Enough is Enough...

    Just too much, way too much stuff to choose form, but here I applaud your idea and share the first few pics I found to share here, and show how much THE man changed my life and the way I went and going about it thanks to the RED EPIC camera!!!

    A moment in time to remember for avery long time!

    Then came the RED EPIC!

    Few Frames pulled form the original R3D RED EPIC MX Video Stream... THANKS for the best camera in the world Jim!!
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    "no one can take away your self respect without your consent"
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    I was writing this today as a personal message to Jarred, but given Jim's post, I think that I could and should also post it openly:

    Even though I'm active on the reduser forum since the beginning (made a new account according to the "Real Name" policy), I just ordered my first RED, a Scarlet, from the RED Germany office. RED got amazing people there. Both Alfred Jaax and Kristin Geyer are extremely helpful... same goes for Brady Stone from RED UK!

    Jim, Jarred and all the others at RED probably hear it all the time, but thank you, Jim, and everyone else at RED for making all this possible! Around 2006 or 2007, when I was in film school in Prague (FAMU), there was at the Barrandov Studios a presentation of a then still quite new Genesis and a screening (on the first 4k projector in middle Europe) of some of the very fist footage shot on the Dalsa 4k, shot around Prague. RED was still a "scam" at the time, and when I asked the studio guys and DPs at the presentation about their thoughts on the RED one, they laughed and told me, that RED will never ever happen.

    Well, it did happen, and it changed it industry. I can mount now a little, affordable, 4k/5k (and soon 6k) camera on a RC octo-copter and get footage for which I would have had to pay a fortune for, just a few years ago.

    Thank you so much!!!

    Attached are two photos from my first shoot with a Scarlet last winter

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    Couple of our first jobs with Redone. Changed the way we work in every way. Thank You Jim, Jarred
    and everyone at Red
    from all of us at Powerhouse Films, Elaine, Greg and Frank
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    The industry definitely owes Jim a debt of gratitude for bringing not only the Red One, Epic & Scarlet into the world but the very medium of 4k Cinema. How long would the industry have dragged its heels had these visionaries from California not decided to kick everyone in the ass? My words will never be thanks enough.

    I bought my first RED as something to expand my stills work for existing clients. While I've enjoyed exploring motion with them, I've found my real passion in shooting narrative films and have had the most incredible times of my life over the last few years! It's easily been the most fulfilling work I've done and it never would have happened without these cameras.

    On a stills set with my Red One for the first time, October 2010... thanks Ketch!

    And some of my favorite grabs from various projects that have come along since...

    Yeah. This has been a blast! Thank You, Jim.

    I DP'd the hell out of that shit.
    The Website
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Barrett View Post
    ..On a stills set with my Red One for the first time, October 2010... thanks Ketch!
    My absolute pleasure Christopher, and those are some beautiful grabs!
    Philanthropist | Filmmaker | Photographer

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    As a relatively new Red Epic owner and long time Reduser, Jim your cameras and company have changed my life and the way I shoot. I entered the filmmaking world as an IT guy, knowing absolute zero about filmmaking back in 2006, shooting with DVX and DSLR cameras, until I found out about the Red One in magazines, then onto reduser and scareletuser. I have been reading the forms daily, learning from others and seeing what a great community it was. I could see it from the start, there was something different, not just about this new camera, but the company and the people behind. People buy what you believe and why you believe it, not what you make, and this is precisely the reason why I have followed you and Red for so long. I've constantly told my colleagues that Red is so much more than just a company that makes revolutionary cameras. It's about the people, the support, the community, and advancing the art.

    Though I do not yet have good photos of my Red to share, I did make a homage short film piece dedicated to the Red Scarlet, back when it was announced in 2008. It was the only camera I could hope to afford back then. Though this short is about the Red Scarlet, it has a hidden message in it that is really about Red at large. It was a passion project for me and very much a learning film on animation. Here is my tribute to Red, thank you, thank you....
    Filmmaker, VFX artist @ Dimension FX LLC
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    Don't find the right words. I feel so sad. This isn't the way Jim should go, i agree to that. But i understand the reasons, at one point such things can start to eat you up. Jim you made a huge difference, you've succeeded to accomplish your goals in every aspect and you changed the world of cinema. Your impact is the biggest one since film, you made cinema digital. And you changed a lot of lives, with your price-politics you gave so many people a chance to work with the real stuff, step up, create a business while still having a lot of fun. You opened up new paths for artists, started to get people creative again.

    And you had a great impact on my life and i love you for that. You made it possible to let one of my biggest childhood dreams come true, working with real film-equipment. There aren't many other things that mean so much to me. My situation is a bit special, and i'm not going to discuss it here. Let's just say my eyes aren't the best and looking at stuff shot with my RED makes a huge difference.

    I can't


    enough, for giving me a perspective i wasn't brave enough to dream about, right in the moment when i needed it.

    I hope to meet you in person one time.

    I avoid posting images of my self to the internet, but i think this is the time to make an exception. So here are two image of one of the luckiest days in my life, March 12th 2012, the day when i unboxed my Scarlet together with my brother.
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    Jim.... Jim.... Jim.... We LOVE YOU! We really, really do.

    When I first met you I was secretly thinking that you were the Howard Hughes of 4K.

    When I met you the second time I actually said to you that you were the Howard Hughes of 4K.

    And, I'll never ever forget for the rest of my life the moment I asked you if it were possible to have
    more Dynamic Range, and you said....... "It's coming."

    Thank you Jim, from the bottom of my heart.
    Martin Stevens

    President and Founder of Glidecam Industries, Inc.
    Producer and Director at Metaphoric Pictures Corporation.
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