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    Film always leads the way in quality, but broadcast always has it's fingers in the pie too. The seeming pointless $18K 4K camera from JVC is actually of interest to those in the broadcast market. Fast turn around RED workflows are possible, but at the end of the day, it's a film camera. Being able to run and gun with one of these, or stick 2 of them into a beam splitter is of far more interest to the likes of SKY/BBC/NHK etc.

    This summer, you've got Wimbledon and The Confederations Cup being used as live tests for 4K production and transmission. This is all in preparation for next years world cup. The main thing is, 4K is coming and awareness is starting to build amongst the average consumer.
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    jvc has had a camera like that for consumers for sub 5k for a on likes the 4 card workflow tho
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    I'd like to know the amount of bandwidth (in Mbps) of throughput you need to get to reasonable 4K performance. I suspect 20mbps will not be enough. If you have the top FiOS connection, 50mbps or faster, it could work. The problem are the Data Caps most people have with their ISPs. If you have a T3 or faster business connection, there's no issue.
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