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    [FS: RED Camera] SOLD--SCARLET-W 5k DRAGON. ONLY 35hrs. SOLD

    Selling Scarlet W 5k Dragon with only 35 hours on it. SOLD

    Comes with the Red travel case and some swag: RED hat, t-shrt and thermos.

    Will also throw in the outrigger handle for free ;)

  2. [FS: RED Camera] so sorry. Just saw this.

    so sorry. Just saw this.
  3. [FS: OPTICS] SOLD. Canon 18-80 CN-E 4.4w/servo EF MINT// Rokinon50mm 1.5 cine DS//

    Selling Canon 18-80 CN-E T4.4 with servo motor EF Mount. This thing is in MINT CONDITION!! Used once!! $3800.00
    see pics.

    Rokinon 50mm T1.5 AS cine DS EF mount. MINT CONDITION NEVER USED ...
  4. [FS: RED Camera] Scarlet W Dragon5k MINT// EVF+Mount(oled)MINT//Outrigger HandleMINT/4.7Red TouchMINT

    Scarlet W Dragon 5K with 21 hours!! This thing is as MINT as it gets. I'm throwing in the Red travel case which is $495 on the Red site!! Also throwing in swag: Red T-shirt, Hat and Thermos
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