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  1. 7" Touch LCD Diagonal Screen Tear

    Am I the only one that gets this regularly, seemingly at random? Camera will boot and behave fine for a good 15 minutes and then midway through shooting I notice a screen tear diagonally through the...
  2. If you have access to a mac and a pc with paragon...

    If you have access to a mac and a pc with paragon (or similar) software, I'd try both. I had an odd experience once where a mac couldn't read a UDF card but my PC with paragon could.
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    [FS: SUPPORT] For Sale: Movi M15

    NYC based, looking to sell my M15. Hoping for $2K, but will take best offer. Happy to arrange a handoff to a local here in NYC. DM for pics or details.
  4. [FS: RED Gear] For Sale: Red PL Motion Mount & Red Bomb EVF

    Based in NYC, looking to sell my lightly used Red Bomb EVF ($1000) & Red Motion Mount PL ($2500). DM for pics or details. Taking best offer! Happy to do an in person handoff for a local. :001_smile:
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    Hey Guys, I had this happen to me a couple...

    Hey Guys,

    I had this happen to me a couple weeks ago. I was shooting with a UDF formatted mini mag doing R3D+Prores and a MacBook pro would mount the mag, but no files were visible. Upon putting...
  6. Red Support / Red NY Appreciation Post

    Just wanted to publicly thank Andrew and Rebekkah at Red NY for excellent service covering me when my camera recently went down and whoever at Red support was responsible for swiftly getting my...
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    Thanks guys, glad to hear I'm not just missing...

    Thanks guys, glad to hear I'm not just missing some simple checkbox in the menu or something. Fingers crossed this is something the nerds on the Red firmware squad can add with a future firmware...
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    Redvolt Expander SDI Question

    I'm on a Epic-W with a Redvolt Expander and I haven't been able to get a clean SDI feed on one SDI output and an overlay on a second one. Is this just potentially a firmware fix away or am I missing...
  9. Red Cine-X Freezes In Second Screen Mode

    Trying to figure out if this is a new driver/compatibility problem that others have noted. Using MSI Stealth Pro HDMI Out with GTX 1060 card to a plain ol 1080p consumer TV. Tried setting to CUDA and...
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