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  1. [FS: GEAR] Cooke S4i Lenses Single -For Sale

    Hi All,

    Have a few Cooke S4i lenses we are looking to shift. All in excellent condition, glass is clear with no scratches.

    We have the following ones with prices attached-

    50mm - 9,000...
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    [FS: RED Camera] RED Monstro For Sale

    Hi All,

    Got a Monstro body that we are looking to sell. It is body only at this stage, comes with a PL mount and media bay. Done less than a 1000 hours but has been kept in good condition.
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    [FS: GEAR] Correct, I have edited the post as my wording was...

    Correct, I have edited the post as my wording was confusing, onlt the 35,50 and 85 are super speeds
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    [FS: GEAR] Zeiss CP.2 lens set + bonus CN7

    Hi All,

    I have a set of 5 CP2s 15, 25, 35, 50 and 85. The 35,50 and 85 are all superspeeds and PL mount. Really nice set and has been well looked after.

    Looking to get 9,000 for these but open...
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    [FS: RED Gear] RED Epic-W Helium For Sale

    Hi All,

    Following the success of the Dragon I sold via here, we have decided to shift our Helium too. Only done 650 hours and has been well looked after. PM me if you require photos or any other...
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    [FS: RED Gear] RED Epic-X Dragon For sale

    Hi All,

    Selling our RED dragon. Its in great condition, been looked after very well in a flight case for most of its life. Only done 870 hours. Comes with a Full kit which I will list below....
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    [FS: GEAR] Looking For an Arri Alexa Mini

    Hi Guys,

    On the lookout for a Arri Alexa Mini definitely need one but possibly 2.

    Let me know what you have. Probably only need the 4:3 licence but open to all licenced and un-licenced. I can...
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    [FS: GEAR] Canon CN7 Lens for sale

    Hi Yall,

    Got a Canon CN7 17-120 i'm looking to shift. Great lens for us. No scratches or marks on the glass and in good condition. PM for pictures or further details.

    Lens is in London but can...
  9. [FS: GEAR] View Post

    Price drop the HJ14 IASE to 5,500
  10. [WTB] Selling a Angeniuex Optimo 28-76mm Zoom Lens

    Hi All,

    We are selling our Angeniuex 28-76. Very little use and in great condition. No marks on the lens. PL mount.

    DM me if you require pictures or other details.

    13k obo
  11. [FS: GEAR] BUMP

  12. [FS: GEAR] Broadcast Lenses no longer required - HJ11/22/14

    Hi All.

    We are switching from our broadcast bits as we no longer have a requirement for them and hoping to find a new home for this all.

    I have the following for sale - PM for pics.

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