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  1. [WTB] Sachtler DV8/100


    Mike I've got a Sachtler DV8/100 to sell if you're interested.

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    [FS: SUPPORT] Hello, What's the price ? Regards, Jerome


    What's the price ?

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    [FS: OPTICS] Zoom Century 28-70mm T:3 PL mount

    Zoom Century 28-70mm T:3 in good cosmical shape and working condition. No fungus or haze. PL mount, rings are smooth. Made by Schneider Optics from Canon lenses. A really nice and cheap zoom for all...
  4. [FS: SUPPORT] New price 1800€

    New price 1800€
  5. [FS: LIGHTING] LED panel SL1 switch kit with v-mount adapter

    LED panel SL1 switch bi-color in great shape and working condition.

    Comes with:

    SL1 Switch Light
    SL1 Driver
    SL1 AC Driver
    SL1 SWITCH Extension Cable 8 m (26 ')
    Lollypop Mount
  6. [FS: SUPPORT] Sachtler head 20 video III + cabon fiber tripod

    Selling my Sachtler 20 video III head with carbon fiber tripod for camcorder up to 20kg, 44lbs.

    In great working condition and shape.

    Comes with: ground spreader, pan bar, screws and bag
  7. [FS: SUPPORT] Sachtler 20 video II with aluminium tripod

    Hi everyone,

    Selling my Sachtler 20 video II head with tripod for camcorder up to 25kg, 55lbs.

    In great working condition and shape.

    Comes with: ground spreader, pan bar and screws
  8. [SOLD] Wireless HDMI Video Transmission System IDX CW-1

    The IDX CW-1 is great to link a camera with a monitor video without cable. It's light and compact compare to cinema models. You can plug any camera with an HDMI out. To power the transmitter I...
  9. [SOLD] Dedolights 3x DLH4 150 + case and accessories

    Dedolights, 3 DLH4 150W tungsten with case. Come with 3 DP1 Imager projection attachment with 85 mm lens and dimmers. Also provided 3 tripods, two replacement bulbs and to mounting grip. Like new.
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    [FS: SUPPORT] Ronin-MX basic kit + case

    DJI Ronin MX stabilized gimbal for professionnal video camera and DSLR.

    DJI Ronin-MX
    2 batteries Ronin-MX
    1 batterie charger
    Lens support
    Remote controller
    Allen wrench
    Ronin base...
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    [SOLD] ARRI M18 HMI with all accessories

    Arri M18 in great working condition.

    The ballast is hi-speed and flicker-free. It goes to 1000 hertz for a shooting at 2000 frames per second.

    Two cables from the ballast to the head are...
  12. [SOLD] K5600 Joker bug 400 with new ballast hi-speed 1000hz DMX

    Joker Bug 400W for professional shooting + hi-speed ballast (1000 hertz) DMX new. For cinema, broadcast and event. The french brand k5600 is knew worldwide for the quality of lighting.

    It's like a...
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