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  1. Glad to hear :-) ! Hey Justin - trial...

    Glad to hear :-) !

    Hey Justin - trial lasts 30 days and is fully functional.
    All tutorials (9 of them, each about 5-10 mins) are available here:...
  2. Assimilate announces Live Looks & Live Assist

    Hi all,

    with the release of SCRATCH 9.2, we also announced two new on-set tools: Live Looks and Live Assist.
    These 3 videos should give you a good idea on what they do :-) .
  3. Hey Lou, please connect with...

    Hey Lou,

    please connect with
    If you disabled "Dual Head" in the Play Pro Settings, the second monitor should not be used at all and just display the desktop or whatever...
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    On a side-note: You can export ProRes 422...

    On a side-note:
    You can export ProRes 422 directly out of Premiere (+ AE and Media Encoder) or Scratch on Windows, using Drastics MediaReactor Workstation Plugin:...
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