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    [FS: RED Gear] updated price - missing cable and arm - the last...

    updated price - missing cable and arm - the last person that borrowed it wore out the arm and lost the cable.
  2. [FS: RED OPTICS] added a few pictures and changed price

    added a few pictures and changed price
  3. [FS: SUPPORT] added pics and reduced price

    added pics and reduced price
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    [FS: RED Gear] Bomb EVF for sale

    Bomb EVF for sale. Includes case. Arm broke so I can't include it and cable is missing price reduced to reflect missing parts.

    asking $1500
  5. [FS: RED Gear] I guess that is the SSD module. It's the side...

    I guess that is the SSD module. It's the side drive for the Red One MX. It was 1500 originally.
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    [FS: SUPPORT] Manfrotto 510 head for sale

    I have a manfrotto 510 head for sale without sticks. 100mm bowl. In great condition. Includes 1 handle and plate.

    asking $750
  7. [FS: SUPPORT] EZ-FX 10' jib with Varizoom pan tilt head

    I have an EZ-FX jib for sale.

    Includes extension kit - older style with 6' one piece extension.
    Extesion includes extending piece for weight bar
    Suspension cable
    Top suspension cable support
  8. [FS: SUPPORT] Sachtler Sticks and 18III head for sale

    I have a Sachtler 18III head in good working condition has some scuffs and wear from use.

    The sticks are triple riser aluminum legs. The bottom level gets stuck but can be pulled out with some...
  9. [FS: RED Gear] Red accessories for sale from Broken Red One Kit

    I have a full Red Kit available - except for the Red One - broke and too expensive to repairThe sensor block needs either repair or replacement. Im told probanly $5750 plus shipping and labor. Its...
  10. [FS: RED OPTICS] set of 6 Red Pro Primes availalbe in Jersey City

    My red camera recently broke and isn't really worth repairing and I don't get a lot of use out of these anymore. I was told by local repair facility that the camera had to be sent to Red in CA...
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    [FS: RED Gear] (5) 64gb Red Mags For Sale

    I have 5 64gb red mags available for sale. I'm located in Jersey City, NJ.

    $600 each
    $2300 for set of four with carrying case.

    I also have a red station/red mag reader availalbe $175. ...
  12. My in-box was full but is cleared now - sorry.

    My in-box was full but is cleared now - sorry.
  13. FS: 2 64gb SSD cards - new never used

    I bought a 4 pack of these cards and already had two. I'm looking to sell two of the unused cards. Asking $875 each. Willing to negotiate if you can pick up and pay pay cash in New York area.
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  15. Need someone with Red camera in NJ/NYC to help test 640gb red drive

    I have a Red drive that will not show up on the camera. It works fine on a computer though. The cable doesn't look damaged. Before I send it in to Red I want to determine whether its the camera,...
  16. FS: 2 16gb CF cards, 2 8gb CF cards, 3 8gb Lexar CF cards

    I am selling my Compact flash cards

    2 - Red 16gb cards, 2 - Red 8gb cards, 3 - Lexar 8gb cards

    I'm in the New York area, willing to ship if needed. I'm open to reasonable offers.

    I also...
  17. Red MX and Red Pro Primes available in NYC, NJ area

    Red MX available in NYC area. I am a DP based in Jersey City. I have the camera available for rental. Full details available at I have other gear tripods, basic lighting and...
  18. Need Red Drive for this sunday in New York City

    Does anybody have a red drive available for a rental this sunday in New York? I had one on a shoot that hasn't been returned yet and need it for a shoot this sunday 6/5/11. PM me if you can help. ...
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