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  1. [FS: GEAR] In EU (DE) Sony FS5 with Kit Lens, Think Tank, Z-Finder and Extras -barely used

    Now in the EU - I have relocated to Germany, Rhein-Main area. Attention EU Buyers - I have special tax status, so this would be a VAT-Free situation for you.

    New Price 3000 EURO OBO

  2. [FS: SUPPORT] now in the EU - relocated to Rhein Main Area in...

    now in the EU - relocated to Rhein Main Area in Germany so price in EUROS - i have special tax status so VAT Free sale as well.
  3. [FS: GEAR] Promise Pegasus 2 R4 8TB Thunderbolt 2 4-bay RAID (4x2TB)

    Used 8TB 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 Promise Pegasus 2 R4

    Works perfectly, never had an issue EVER! Casing is a little scratched up but its 100% cosmetic, no drops, no bangs no nothing, its mainly from...
  4. [FS: GEAR] humpty bumpty

    humpty bumpty
  5. [FS: GEAR] bump open to offers

    open to offers
  6. [FS: GEAR] bump

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    [SOLD] Think Tank Video Workhorse 21

    previously posted in error as the Workhorse 19,
    this is actually the workhorse 21 so will fit Weapon/Epic/Scarlet/Raven and then some.

    Killer video bag. Bought two, need one.

    probably best...
  8. [SOLD] Canon EF 35MM F1.4L II -the new version, brand spanking new in box

    Bought this last year, its barely left the box.

    I've been traveling a ton and not using anything larger than baby e-mount lenses so all my new canon glass i bought last year has been collecting...
  9. [FS: SUPPORT] Zacuto Axis Mini, with FS5/FS7 rosette & Quad rail, QR Shoulder pad

    All prices OBO
    all good condition
    will ship int'l but contact me first
    PayPal ok !

    Zacuto Axis Mini with:
    -Sony FS5/7 Rosette adapter
    -Zacuto Quad Rail adapter...
  10. [FS: GEAR] Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express Thunderbolt i/o Unit Analog/SDI/HDMI

    BM Ultrastudio Express Thunderbolt
    original Box and both Analog/RCA and SDI / BNC harnesses
    will throw in a bunch of cables and adapters (RCA, BNC, T-adapters and barrels)

    Used but works...
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    [SOLD] Think Tank Video Workhorse 21

    re-posted here
  12. [FS: GEAR] NEXTO DI 2801 Doc Video Storage Backup Device quick change Drive CFAST, SXS, XQD, SD

    This is a killer box but i have no more CFAST cameras so i just don't really need it.

    Barely used it bought direct from Nexto, its a great unit, has some basic preview functioning. You can...
  13. [FS: GEAR] SmallHD 501 Monitor with charger and batteries

    Brand new barely used SmallHD 501 with 4 batteries and a charger.
    Also comes with a baby pelican case fits perfectly.
    Original box, barely used. Purchased in October.

    Trusted seller. Paypal...
  14. [SOLD] Canon L Lenses newly purchased 24-70 II, 70-200 IS II, 35 1.4L II, 100 Macro

    These are all new runs came right from Canon a little over a year ago so the lenses like that 24-70 and 70-200 and 100 are new runs for those of you who are picky about that.

    All lenses are...
  15. [FS: SUPPORT] In EU - Letus Helix Jr. Aluminum Gimbal with Full Accessory set and Case

    Have since relocated to Germany so EU Sales preferred
    new low price 400 EURO - VAT Free sale (i have special tax status in Germany)

    Excellent Condition Helix Jr. with...
  16. [SOLD] Sony ALPHA A6300 plus extras/accessories excellent condition

    Lightly used Sony A6300 in excellent shape



    Original Box, manual, charging cable and plug, strap and eyepiece

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    [SOLD] Small HD 502 Monitor

    SmallHD 502
    $1000 OBO

    Box, Acrylic Screen Protectors (I think there are 2 in there) with the extra plastic retainers
    Will throw in Some LPE6 and a charger

    Barely used, excellent condition
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    [SOLD] SMALLHD 702 Bright 7" Monitor

    Monitor, Box, extra screen protector and plastic bracket that keeps it in there. Soft bag. I'll even throw in some LPE6 batteries.

    Located in NYC

    Will ship anywhere

    I'll pay shipping in the...
  19. [FS: OPTICS] drop again

    drop again
  20. [FS: RED OPTICS] RED Titanium PL Mount shipped in original box

    Barely used Ti PL DSMC Lens Mount

    Low low price of $950 now

    I will pay for shipping in the Continental US
  21. [FS: OPTICS] bounce bounce bounce

    bounce bounce bounce
  22. [FS: RED Gear] price drop bump

    price drop bump
  23. [FS: RED Gear] Price drop

    Price drop
  24. [FS: RED Gear] bump OBO

    bump OBO
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    [SOLD] Sanken Cos-11 Lav Mic

    Sanken Cos-11
    the best
    lav mic
    currently wired for Sony 1/8" locking
    i have some adapters if you want i can send it for LECTRO or Sennheiser

    $250 obo

    paypal is ok
    i'm in nyc if you want...
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