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  1. [FS: OPTICS] update 1600$

    update 1600$
  2. [FS: OPTICS] update 1800$

    update 1800$
  3. [FS: OPTICS] Update 2200$

    Update 2200$
  4. [FS: OPTICS] Cooke panchro ser II 25mm f1.8/t2.2

    I would like to sell lens I found in the basement long time ago. Housing dosnt look good, lots of scratches, its just ok. All mechanics and rings are working very well. Glass is in pretty good...
  5. Does any of you have some other idea? I asked...

    Does any of you have some other idea? I asked Eatern Enterprises but i havent got any answer.
  6. [FS: GEAR] new price 4600 euro

    new price 4600 euro
  7. [FS: GEAR] new price 4700euro

    new price 4700euro
  8. [FS: GEAR] Black Magic Ursa mini PRO 4.6k - BRAND NEW- body

    Hello. I have for sale brand NEW ursa mini pro 4.6k body - 4.6k raw up 60fps, 4:3 anamorphic, build-in nd's, all kinds of prores, blackmagic 12:1 raw, interchangable mount ef, pl (ef included). The...
  9. @dan Kanes thank you. what location?

    @dan Kanes thank you. what location?
  10. looking for Anamorphic's lenses service- Asia

    Hello. Its my first post here! Does any of you could recommend some good lens service for old set of zeiss ultrascope in asia? They need complex service- cleaning, glass polishing and new coating. I...
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