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Hrvoje Simic
08-25-2008, 05:15 PM
Since I was away for some time I came too late to respond in "Epic render" thread on the mentioned topic for which I believe is very important.

Jim's qoute:

the controls on Epic can be removed from the back and mounted anywhere you want... tethered or wireless. That seems to me to be a much better solution than "just" on the front left side of the camera.

This is HUGE.

I was asking for this feature since Red was at DVXuser. This feature will enable a whole new shooting freedom and dramatically increase practicality and shooting speed (dependent on the type of shoot, naturally).

To go further...
thinking outside the box embraces the fact that the keys (solutions) are not present just in the same domain. Many times solutions are found in the last place you would think or want to look for them.

In this example it's the ever-so-frowned-upon - consumer world.
One of my various jobs was testing a lot of different gadgets for a tech magazine so along with different pro cams I've been using in my profession I've played with many consumer ones also. I don't have a problem with elitism or pride, so I don't see why should a few hundred $ cam make a new revolutionary dream cam look like a dinosaur in terms of menu navigation and practicality.

So...as I'm sure I mentioned a couple of times...:shifty:

Touch screen

Purpose - navigating through menus and quick access to functions, better perception of controls and superior usage of control surface space.

SI has a touch screen but it's all in the main screen and far from perfect. Main screen needs to be freed from controls which should be put closer to the hand.

I'm aware that this subject usually raises hair on pro's back but this would NOT be a replacement of main manual camera controls (don't spew your coffee into the screen just yet).

The answer is in the mix of both.
Touch screen for menu navigation and multifunctional status display
Rotary knobs and buttons for specific customized functions - manual controls and shortcuts, customized to your every whim


OLED, 3.5'' to 5.6" RED lcd size (lower dpi, naturally)

- low power usage, superior contrast and very visible at daylight

Panels are available, I'm sure specific sizes could be custom made for RED and the price of this unit would justify the cost of production.

Advantages of a touch screen controller:

1. Buttons change function dependent on the menu

- fewer clicks because of NON LINEAR ACCESS TO FUNCTIONS
- saves space with more options shown in the same time

2. Easier cleaning and maintenance

3. Cheaper production, less casting and tooling

4. Thin form factor

5. Multi purpose:

- control surface,
- status check
- picture data (scopes)
- project data (both freeing up the main screen)
- additional view - focus assist, zebra, false color etc...high res not essential

6. Enabling evolved controls

- Ramping graph (touch to add point)
- Fps slider
- ISO slider
- Kelvin slider
- Zoom slider
- etc...

7. Enabling evolved library navigation

- detailed data for clips displayed on the main screen,
- clip management (upon SSD's arrival and end of fragmentation issues)

8. More detailed info of the image on the main screen

- FULL SCREEN scopes

9. Provides an option for ditching the controls on the back of the camera,
- enabling the vertical placement of a larger fan on the back (if you are not going with heat-to-energy chips)
- reduction of production parts for the back of the camera = lower manufacturing cost.
+ fewer environmental seals needed

10. Future proofing

- upgradeability - adaptable to upcoming features

11. Customizability

- enabling different menu "modes" for different setups, shoots or shooters
- enabling users to design their own interface in the future, exchange menu types and custom solutions - another revolution

12. Compatibility

If there is ANY doubt in the demand for this controller, just make it compatible with RED One and Scarlet, and any other upcoming camera, and you WILL sell a ton of them. Year or two after you introduce them you won't sell a camera without one.

13. Parallel usage
Example : one on the camera showing scopes to the shooter, other wirelessly controlling some functions of the cam
- greater control of the camera, more efficient shoot
- more controller sales per camera

To conclude...
there are NOT just two options
a) sterile, linear, slow, proven, ain't-broken-so-don't-fix-it one
b) shiny sexy teenage one

...you are making a time-capturing, story-telling device of 21st century, guys...

this is where mad science combined with inner child kicks in...and the future is being made...

08-25-2008, 05:44 PM
This is HUGE.


But nice clever

Shawn Booth
08-25-2008, 07:42 PM
What Omen said......

Hrvoje Simic
10-18-2008, 04:07 AM
I had something like this in mind.

-3+4 buttons
-3 rotary knobs + wheel

That's 11 assignable direct controls. Plus rec button.
The rest - touch.

Joseph Ward
10-18-2008, 10:53 AM
Don't forget to add a multi-view auto-stereoscopic for that as well.:wink:

Hrvoje Simic
10-22-2008, 12:50 PM
If you get kicks from that, you can imagine I did. :wink:

Joseph Ward
10-22-2008, 08:40 PM
I had something like this in mind.

-3+4 buttons
-3 rotary knobs + wheel

That's 11 assignable direct controls. Plus rec button.
The rest - touch.

That's a nice screen, did you make that?